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Project Description

2D Platformer

In this tutorial series you will learn how to create a 2D platformer in Unity. I recommend that you have unity 2019 or newer installed when following along.

I will release a new video to the public every Monday. Patrons will have early access and will be able to watch new videos every day.

If you do not know C# I can recommend my Udemy C# & Unity course: https://www.udemy.com/ultimate


Get this and all my current and future projects on Patreon for 5$. This includes all assets from all my projects (Sprites, 3D models, sounds, C# scripts with comments etc.). You will also get access to early video releases.


Get this project as a standalone product on itch.io for 5$. If the project is updated, the new files will be available by redownloading.